About Maeya Culture Exchange Group

The Maeya Culture Exchange Group provides a platform for different culture to explore, share and communicate. Our purpose is to increase mutual understanding and appreciate between the people from different cultures through education and culture exchange.

The Economic globalization brings financial benefit; Maeya Culture Exchange Group brings harmony through culture and art environment.

Maeya's Key Personals:

Chairwoman: Ms. Wynn Gong:  Ms. Gong has been living and working in the media, art, and culture exchange arena and the commercial real estate development industry for many years.  She was born in China, graduated from Communication University of China, earned a master’s degree in business at University of Illionis at Chicago, USA.  Ms. Gong has promoted many media, art projects, and culture programs both in the US and in China.  Ms. Gong has 7 years of experience promoting cross-cultural events as a producer, reporter, news director, and as a communications consultant with such prestigious organizations as Shanghai Oriental TV Station in China, Phoenix Satellite Network’s North American Affiliate, and at Beijing Prosper Group.  Her desire to promote Chinese and American cultural dialogue through educational andculture exchange motivated her to found Maeya Culture Exchange Group.

 Vice Chairwoman: Ms. Lynn Tang;  Ms. Tang has been invovled  with international business for many years. Through her world travels,  she has experienced and has come to appreciate many different cultures and arts. Her heartfelt objective is to help bring all cultures together to share and understand each other.  This will benefit all people. Ms.Tang is the member of Palos Verdes Jr.Woman's Club and USA-China Peoples Friendship Association. She is also the Shanghai (China)Zhabei district government consultant and VIP guest of China Association for International Friendly Contact

Advisor Committee:

Mr. John D. McMahon; Mr.McMahon is passionate about using his knowledge and abilities in creating art and media that inspires people to broaden their knowledge of different cultures, deepen their awareness of humanity’s immense power when we’re globally united and take action towards world peace. His work for World Vision International and HBO’s Comic Relief has enabled him to see first hand, the basic needs, fears and desires that connect all of humanity.  As a graduate of USC’s School of Cinema/Television with advanced studies in Film Music and a professional film-maker for 18 years, Mr. McMahon is thoroughly familiar with all aspects of production.

Mr. William C. Nestel; Mr. Nestel has over three decades as a senior executive in the Hollywood motion picture and television industries, as well as being a pioneer in the areas of new media, interactive digital content, and out of home digital networks. Mr. Nestel is also a member of the prestigious organization AMPAS, the organization that oversees the annual OSCARS.

Mr.Ermanno Barone; Mr.Barone is a man who truly knows how to make his dreams happen. He brings a diverse background of experiences and accomplishments that include film producing, real estate development, teaching languages (he's fluent in English, French and his native Italian), writing poetry and novels and is owner of one of Palm Springs' most prestigious art galleries. He is currently preparing the motion picture RED GOLD to go before the cameras this summer in Canada. His 1996, THE ROAD HOME won best picture at the Chicago Children's Film Festival

Mr. Ronald J Shaw ; Ron leads a team of dedicated artists whose goal is to provide the means for the world population to better understand each other and their environment.  This required developing a universally understood mode of communication and that the results are experienced world wide.  To this end we have developed a technique combining music and visuals of universally felt positive emotions, experiences, sights and sounds to reach the audience on a multitude of levels.   Past clients include:  The Government of India, Olivetti/France, Boots Chemists and P.Leiner/England, TOI/Japan, Max Factor/Mexico, and Los Angeles Television Channels 2 CBS, 4 NBC, 5 KTLA, 7 ABC, 11 KTTV and 13 KCOP

 Mrs. Peiqin Shen; Mrs. Shen is a warm, beautiful, and passionate woman.  She has over 20 years executive and management experience with Shanghai Media Group’s Advertising and Production Division.  To Maeya, she lends her reputation and strong network connections within China’s and Beijing’s media and art industry.  Mrs. Shen has been invited to become a VIP member of several entrepreneur organizations in Shanghai and Beijing.  Her talent in designing and organizing social events is a true asset that will aid Maeya in promotion of its goals.

Mr. William D. Buckner, Esq.;  Mr. Buckner is the Managing Director of Buckner, Khouri & Mirkovich; a business law firm based in Southern California (USA), with satellite offices in San Francisco and Beijing. Mr. Buckner has more than 25 years of experience in USA business law.  Mr.  Buckner is also the President of China Resource Group, Inc., a USA based company which focuses on bringing foreign companies to the People's Republic of China, and in assisting Chinese companies in doing business in the USA. Mr. Buckner obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California School of Cinema, and is a long term cinema fan and major supporter of the arts.

 Ms Judy Green  Judy produces events for major corporations where she handles external coordination and production of live and taped shows.   She is an organizer and controls all budgets.  She functions as a producer and production manager and is part of the decision making process in selecting the venues for shows.  Her most notable production “The Indian Renaissance” was presented to the public and dignitaries from the Indian Government, including the Minister of Culture, at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Beverly Hills.  The show was later shown in 79 countries without the need for translation to promote understanding within a multitude of cultures.

Managing Members


Ms. Qing Wang. MBA from a top USA university. Ms.Wang has been involved with many international projects that related with China. She has strong wills to improve the Chinese children’s education and culture exchange with the children worldwide.  Ms. Wang’s participation will bring a very special gift to Meaya’s project management.  
Ms.Wang is in charge of  Maeya China's operation, in Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing Offices.